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I post mainly about my fandoms. Sometimes I post about my personal life to say how much my little brother annoys me and how with the girl (I'm also a girl - yeah I'm lesbian and if you are homophobic get out of here) I like will never be more than "friends", because she's straight. So be sure that the chance to add you is 99% except unless your journal is empty and don't leave a comment here. Do it I don't bite haha, but the comments are screened. Call me Jerm or Jeremy.

FANDOMS (main)
Gundam 00. DOGS: Bullets & Carnage. Sengoku Basara. KHR! Mawaru Penguindrum. Code Geass. Bleach. FMA. FMA: Brotherhood. One Piece. Zombie Loan. Baccano!. Durarara!!. D.Gray-man. Ao no Exorcist. Beelzebub. Air Gear. Death Note.
others: yaoi (Yamamoto/Gokudera - OTP), Jimi Hendrix, Gossip Girl
contact: tumblr, myanimelist

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